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  1. Cure For The Pain

Music Produced by Tony Verderosa

Song written by Romans Are Alive

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℗ © KBV Records, Inc. 2014 All Rights Reserved


Cure For The Pain

Verse 1
I'm the boy sittin' in the back of class
Ignored and over-passed
Except when they laugh me away
The more I try to fit in
The more I feel I can't win
Everyday a different shade of grey

I still haven't found (x3)
A cure for the pain

Verse 2
I'm the man livin' on the midtown street
Beggin' for change to eat
Summer heat ain't what's got me down
For twenty years I've been a vet
But the war in my head ain't over yet
Scream and shout when I think no one is around


I'm the friend you had who your dad
won't let you talk to anymore
I'm the man who has the job to bag
your milk and bread at the store
I'm the kid in the ad who's makin' the sad
faces between TV shows
I'm your mom and dad, your uncle and aunt,
I'm everyone you know


℗ © KBV Records, Inc. 2014 All Rights Reserved