Music and Lyrics by Tony Verderosa. Additional Lyrics by Boola and Aaron Krueger. Featured artists, Boola and Jeni Fujita.

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"Shadow River"  - Lyrics  

Shadow river found it's way back again,
Deep inside my heart I could feel it today.

I thought I had it beat this time   - -  but ‘cha know,
 - -  Water always seems to finds it's way.

I'm Like a Mad Cellist reaching for a new high
just trying  to make sense of the notes on the page.

Working so hard but the strings melt as I play,
and I struggle with the dark thoughts - - on even sunny days, OK

Shadow river move me right along
Keep me down but not for too long

Water rages on but I hold the line
Ain't heading back till I am out of time.

Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone
crashing down stream so far from home.

Ain't nobodies fault and it ain't my own
Some people just born with it etched in stone.

Shadow River got me rolling up again
Thoughts heavy on my mind, I can feel it tonight
I live my life stressed, everyday its sink or swim
I need a life vest, that's the way it’s always been
Since I can barely remember, back one year in November
I found out I was different, teachers’ labeled me gifted
But it was more like a curse, my thoughts would get twisted
Somehow I made it through the storm, but the fog never lifted 

And it hurts
Inside, so now I do whatever works
To ease the pain, so it don’t get worse
At night I pray to God to show me the answers for which I ....SEARCH  (ha')


There are days when I escape the Dark Waters and drive in my car for miles…
Hoping to hear the sounds on the radio
in a positive way……. wish this pain would go away  - like it did back in the day
Before angels in black gowns spoke thoughts of doubt and self hate in my ear.

When Life became out of focus, and unclear,
I Couldn’t tell the difference between lies and truth beneath the veneer.. (UH)

(Yeah)  -   I had to strip away the fear and remember life is on my side - - -  if I just listen
Took on a New Position - - (uh)   with love and gratitude…..
I'm Gonna “out run” the attitude when Haters try and me bring back to the river but I don’t let 'em,
INSIDE and I'm careful when I confide.

and avoid negative feedback - - - - I Won't walk around self-medicated,
‘Gettin’ Back on Track, RE-DEDICATED -  to my true self.....BUILDING COURAGE

And I'm Not afraid to ask for help, but it hurts inside, so now I do whatever works
To ease the pain, so it don’t get worse….

Soon as I WAKE UP, I pray to God FIRST, for all that I SEARCH
I didn't have the care - Now I'm AWARE, and Alert, didn't Make it to Church -
But the Spirit Lies Inside, Had to RISE FROM THE DIRT. (uh)


℗ © KBV Records, Inc. 2014 All Rights Reserved