BIO - Tony Verderosa

Tony Verderosa has performed and recorded with Dream Theater's John Petrucci, ColdCut, Underworld, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, Dave Samuels, Sinead O'Connor, Philippe Saisse, Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and Angelique Kidjo. He has released a number of solo CD's and a series of books on drumming and technology published by Hal Leonard. He designed a signature series of cymbals with Sabian as well as a signature drumstick with Pro Mark. Tony V. was also the Music Director, Arranger, anddrummer for the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City in 2009, Performing with Katie Perry and Joe Perry (Aerosmith).

During his formative years at the Crane School of Music (Potsdam NY), Tony Verderosa was inspired by Bill Bruford (Bruford's Earthworks) and drummer Frank Briggs (805). Briggs and Bruford were both exploring real-time musical composition using Electronic Percussion. While studying classical percussion and drums with Distinguished Teaching Professor and noted percussionist/conducter, James Petercsak, Tony was exposed to the Music of Varese, Xenakis, Stockhausen and John Cage along with all manner of music technology.

This widely varied background helped Tony V. gain worldwide recognition beginning with a special Concert performance in Tokyo (filmed by Yamaha around 1990 ) for the debut of the DTS70 Triggering Module. This triggering module was far ahead of it's time and offered more flexibility than the early instruments used by Bruford and Briggs. It allowed Verderosa to Program and assign complete chord voicings on each drum pad, which would then trigger external synth modules and samplers. Verderosa used 8 Drum pads surrounding his 5 Piece acoustic set. Each acoustic drum also had it's own trigger which allowed for additional chord voicing or sound effect layers. The midi notes in each chord could be individually triggered in a rotating cycle of up to 7 notes using the Alternate Mode. This technique was often applied to the Bass Drum which triggered various Synth Bass Notes layered with the acoustic kick drum. These bass notes would correspond to the variety of chord changes played on the rest of the kit. When it was time to modulate and change the chord structure, Tony V. used a program change Pad to instantly change the entire drum kit during a solo performance. One musical composition often contained up to 10-15 different drum kit "performance" settings, all linked together in Chain mode.

Tony V. released his first solo CD at this time, featuring a duet with Michael Brecker on Tenor sax (track produced by the legendary drummer, Alan Schwartzberg). This solo CD received a very positive review in Downbeat Magazine and was also praised extensively in a personal letter that Verderosa received from a drummer he had met in Tokyo named Akira Jimbo. Jimbo went on to explain that he didn't realize this type of composition and performance was possible by using drum kit. Verderosa was also listed and credited as inspiration for a Dave Weckl Solo CD track called "Trigger Happy" from one of Weckl's solo CD's in the 90's. Tony Verderosa and Dave Weckl did a number of performances together at NAMM shows and various drum clinics around the US in the 90's.

Around 1999, Tony V. released a series of books with Hal Leonard that explored his new found passion for Electronic Music (House, Techno, Breakbeat, Drum 'n Bass etc.). He also filmed a concert for DVD release and a series of instructional videos. Between 1999 and 2003, Verderosa performed at various venues in NYC, LA and Europe. After one of his solo concerts at Joe's Pub in NYC, two Creative Directors from Grey Advertising invited him to perform in his own commercial for Twix. There were 3 solo artists in this TV campaign,each having their own TV Commrcial: Rahzel (The Roots), DJ Rap (UK) and Tony Verderosa. Each artist was filmed live in LA for the national TV launch. In 2003/2004, Verderosa produced and played drums on a solo CD by John Petrucci of Dream Theater. Petrucci and Verderosa met after a solo performance at a NAMM show in Anahiem, CA in 2001.

His record label/production company is called KBV Records. Recent projects include the feature film "Beware the Gonzo" starring Zoe Kravitz, Ezra Miller and Amy Sedaris as well as "Allegiance" starring Seth Gable, Pablo Schrieber, Aidan Quinn and Shad Moss (formerly "Bow Wow)". KBV Records is developing new talent and producing new albums for a variety of artists such as Romans Are Alive, Jenna Kyle, Sugarfoot Chrome, Elijah, Boola and many others.

Verderosa is at work again exploring real-time musical compositions, remixes and live video remixes using drums, keyboards, trigger pads, synths and samplers. A new solo CD is in development. A number of collaborations will also be announced with various artists.